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First consultation (45 minutes) - £58.00

  • Includes detailed history taking about current issue as well as past medical history information. If you take medication on a regular basis it is a good idea to bring a list with you.

  • If appropriate, a physical assessment will be conducted. Please bring appropriate clothing, e.g. if you have a knee problem please wear clothing were the knee is visible.

  • Treatment will be provided dependent on the issue. This may include exercises, manual therapy, massage, education, posture advice, chines taping, electro-therapy (ultrasound) or acupuncture.

Follow up appointments (30 minutes) - £45.00

  • These sessions will involve monitoring of progress in your treatment to assure maximal recovery

Physiotherapy Led Pilates - 6 sessions for £60.00 or £11 for one class

  • The physiotherapy led Pilates classes are suitable for beginners and
    intermediate level participants.

  • Even if you have had little or no experience with practicing Pilates the
    physiotherapist will guide you through learning the basics of core strength and
    stability, flexibility and postural control combined with essential breathing.

  • Those looking to challenge themselves more will be guided and given exercises
    and movement patterns that are slightly higher intensity, duration and

Physiotherapy Led Active Senior Class - 6 sessions for £50.00 or £11 for one class

  • Physio-led exercise circuit classes for older people or those with long-term
    conditions who may be at increases risk of falls or simply just want to improve
    their mobility, strength and balance.

Hip Rehabilitation Class - 6 sessions for £60.00 or £11 for one class

  • A class designed for people who have had a hip replacement who feel they
    need a bit more input to help them achieve their goals to get the most out of
    their hip. This is a rehabilitation program designed for you that you can
    complete supervised by a Physiotherapist.

Shockwave Treatment 

Initial Consultation - £68.00 

  • The state of the art and clinically proven shockwave therapy is available at KPC Therapy Centre.

  • Our trained and experienced physiotherapists offer convenient appointments to start your shockwave therapy and help relieve your chronic tendon pain.

Follow Up Appointments - £55.00

  • Your treatment may be covered by your insurance company.

We accept all major credit & debit cards.

We work with most major insurance providers including;

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If your insurance provider is not listed above please contact us to see if we can assist you.

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